1Download Bec Wallet

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2Create or import a wallet address in your Bec Wallet. Fill in your wallet address below to receive 5 free!

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Note: You need to create or import a wallet address using Bec Wallet to receive BEC.

!Remember: you need to send the verification code to the Telegram group, to be successful for BEC!!!!!

3Copy the Code below

4 Join BEC Telegram Group and send the code to receive 5 BEC NOW!

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Have joined the Beauty.io (01) - (06) group can reply verification code directly in the previous group, without the need to repeat the group



The BEC Reward will be sent to everyone's registered effective ETH address within 10 days after completing the ETH address or inviting a friend.

Activity description:

Once involved in the cheating operation, Beauty.io reserve the right to suspend or terminate the qualification of warned user. Beauty.io retain the right to pursue legal actions. The ultimate power of interpretation using personal influence originally time belongs to Beauty.io.